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Real Combat System

The Real Combat System was originally formed by one of the worlds leading self defence instructors and now famous ex nightclub doorman Geoff Thompson. Geoff was involved in over 300 violent encounters whilst working the doors around Coventry in the eighties, and developed a system that was for pure self defence. He was also involved in breaking down barriers in martial arts scene with controversial sessions like “Animal Day”.

All of the techniques in the system have been tried and tested many times in the reality arena.

This system covers everything that MMA does and more.

Matty Evans

Whilst Geoff pursued other areas in his life, the batten was now handed over to senior student and “Animal Day” veteran Matty Evans. Matty is regarded as one the best all round martial artists in the UK and was a national “Vale Tudo” champion twice over. He regularly trains MMA fighters, boxers, wrestlers and grappler’s.

Mark Suffolk

Whilst practising martial arts for over ten years and training with Matty for over five years I have developed a high level of skill in the martial arts/self defence arena. I am very honoured to be one of the Real Combat System instructors and enjoy passing this system onto others.

Mark is a fantastic practitioner of the martial arts, both physically and spiritually, he has developed his own style and has a great level of Self Defence. Its great to have Mark as one of the real combat system Instructors.

—Matty Evans

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