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Mark has trained in Boxing under Lee Ferrie (pro Boxer) and for the last five years with professional boxing gym Red Corner.

He originally started it to develop other arts, but soon realised the effectiveness of this sport/art.

He is currently one of the instructors at Red Corner Gym and offers personal tuition in boxing with the full back up off the Red Corner boxing team.

Should someone want to go amateur or pro it would be available at Red Corner.

He regularly teaches boxing to his private students as a stand alone art, for fitness or part of Mixed Martial Arts/Real Combat System.

He also has 2 classes a week running in it, for all ages.

We also teach the unique Red Corner boxing grading syllabus, which is a great way for boxers to hone there technique at any level.

To learn more about this click here Grading Information  or come and train at one of our boxing classes, its a great way to keep fit, and great fun.

Personal Training