Do I have to be fit

The answer to this is no, you get fit as you learn, Mark caters for all levels of fitness, from the twenty a day smoker ( hopefully not ) to the aspiring athlete.

What system should I use

This is completely up to you depending on what you would like to achieve.

If you have no idea what you would like to train in or would like a more detailed description of what each system has to offer, call me for a friendly chat and we can discuss what you would like to get from your training.

What are the benefits of personal training over classes

Not everybody can make classes due to work and family commitments. If this is the case private tuition is perfect for you, lessons can be booked when you want them. It also develops your arts more quickly, or provides you with motivation for fitness purposes.

What age can they start

The junior class is age 6 +

The boxing classes 10 +




Junior MMA


Senior MMA


Real Combat System




Family Price

Only two pay, the rest train free

Personal Tuition

Nuneaton, Coventry or Bedworth